For ages, this warrior culture has bred their empresses to be as lethal as any man. Only the most skilled warriors are given the privilege to duel to the death for the empress maiden's hand in matrimony. But the last man standing must face one final trial - only the maiden can decide whether to give a warrior her favour or her blade.

Blade of the Maiden is a martial arts fantasy short film with an underlying theme of female empowerment.

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Key Collaborators

PRODUCER - Jackeline Chua

As the CFO of Synergy 88 Studios, Ms. Chua built a creative studio that hit the ground running. Within a few months in 2014, the studio blossomed from a small boutique of a few dozen artists and professionals to an army of 200, working in various media (from live action to games) and creating content for numerous international productions.

PRODUCER - Alaine Chong

Ms. Chong was the driving force behind Blade of the Maiden, pushing for an empowering concept that would showcase the physical strength of women. She also pulled double duty as a first time lead actress.

DIRECTOR - Keith Sicat

Sicat was heavily involved in the visual arts before he fell in love with cinema. First noticed for his award-winning experimental films, he went on to discover the wonders of long-format documentaries as well as narrative features. Starting with his award-winning art film "Rigodon" about Filipinos in New York after the September 11 attacks, he went on to direct "Room 213", the URIAN-nominated documentary "Himala Ngayon", and the award-winning "Woman of the Ruins". He also produced, wrote, and edited other award-winners such as "Ka Oryang" and "The Guerilla is a Poet" for which he personally won "Best Picture" and "Best Editing", respectively.


Idanan is a young cinematographer that burst into the indie film scene soon after graduating from the University of the Philippines. She first collaborated with Sicat on the music video "Make It Better" with Alessandra de Rossi. The three collaborated again on the award-winning feature film "Woman of the Ruins". Idanan also has lensed television series and commercials.


New is an internation rock-star in the arts world. An artist who effortlessly moves from various practices such as sculpture, massive art installations, theater, events, and film. New is the one who designed the iconic 'muscle dress' for Lady Gaga's "Marry the Night" music video and created the set for the controversial Bench show, "Naked Truth". He first collaborated with Sicat on the award-winning Martial Law themed film "Ka Oryang".


Tuazon is a veteran fight choreographer and stunt man who has worked on numerous iconic series in series television and feature films, from the local comics superhero “Panday” to the Hollywood blockbuster "The Bourne Legacy".

COMPOSER – Toni Muñoz

Toni Munoz is a freelance musician/artist with a vast background and education in music being a graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Music. She writes music for films and other productions, and arranges songs for various performers. Previous projects include Cinemalaya 2013 Director’s Showcase entry “Amor y Muerte”, Brian Lim’s “Chasing Fire”, and “Hey Joe”.

SOUND DESIGN – Raffy Magsaysay

Raffy Magsaysay is an award-winning sound designer with numerous commercials and feature films under his belt. First collaborating with Sicat on the URIAN-nominated feature length documentary “Himala Ngayon” on the legendary film directed by National Artist for Cinema Ishmael Bernal starring Nora Aunor, they went on to do the award-winning films “Woman of the Ruins” and
“The Guerrilla is a Poet”.

COLORIST – Marilen Magsaysay

Marilen Magsaysay was recently named “Best Colorist in Asia” at the Apollo Awards in Singapore for her commercial and feature film work. An alumnus of the Disney Studio in Australia, she has gone on to color the Cannes Film Festival entries of director Brillante Mendoza and has colored “Ka Oryang”, “The Guerrilla is a Poet”, “Woman of the Ruins”, and the musical docu-drama “The Women of Malolos”.

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR – Rolando T. Inocencio

A veteran actor in the theater, film, and television scene, Inocencio has been a vital part of numerous films. Performing as assistant director for Brillante Mendoza’s decorated film starring Nora Aunor, “Thy Womb”, and the Isabelle Hupert starrer “Captive”, he also did the same duties on Sicat’s “Woman of the Ruins”.


Balbuena is a multi-hyphenated talent, doing everything from producing for director Kanakan Balintagos (formerly Auraeus Solito) to production design for Brillante Mendoza’s “Thy Womb”. Balbuena first collaborated with Sicat on the Viva Films production “Room 213” starring Gwen Garci and Allen Dizon and has worked on all other projects since.


BLADE OF THE MAIDEN: Check The Teaser For Filipino Martial Arts Fantasy

The Philippines' Cinema One Originals program continues to support a broad range of talent across more genres than you can shake a stick at with their annual funding grants - unlike most nations Filipino festivals actually commission and pay for new work to screen in their festivals - among which this year is Keith Sicat's Blade Of The Maiden, a martial arts fantasy created as part of the short film program.

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